"Have Faith" necklace in 925 silver rhodium-plated with Mother of God pendant

SKU: 121607231


Material: rhodium-plated 925 silver

Pendant size: 0.75 cm

Chain length 40 or 45 cm

24 month warranty

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The Milano collection represents the basic products of our store, imported exclusively from Italy, selected with great care and recognized for more than 12 years on the Romanian market, for their quality, shine and resistance.

All our silver jewelry is rhodium-plated, nickel-free and complies with the European standards in force. Also, the jewels have applied the 925 title mark, along with the supplier's responsibility mark from Italy and the state mark for sale on the territory of Romania. Like gold, silver is too soft and cannot be used as such in the production of jewelry.

CUBIC ZIRCONIA stones have a hardness of 8.5 on the Moth scale and those used in our jewelry have the highest degree of clarity, AAAAA

Normally, jewelry is made of genuine silver (standard silver), an alloy consisting of 92.5 ‰ silver (925 ‰*, i.e. 925 parts fine silver out of 100 parts alloy) and 7.5% copper (75 parts copper out of 1000 parts alloy) Genuine silver is harder than pure silver and has a lower melting point. Also, alloying with copper gives the silver alloy increased durability.

Silver does not have a purity measurement unit similar to the carat in the case of gold, but jewelers consider 925‰ silver to be the purest silver.

Silver jewelry can be plated with rhodium or gold, for a more shiny appearance.

The advantages of rhodium plating:

- this process brings an extra shine to the jewelry, which, following this procedure, no longer requires periodic polishing or cleaning because they receive a shiny and noble appearance, of white gold;

- the jewelry will have increased durability;

- the parts become more resistant to scratches and abrasion;

- it does not allow the jewelry to oxidize and deteriorate their quality, which increases their resistance over time;

- the pomegranate does not contain nickel, the pieces thus obtained being hypoallergenic and recommended for sensitive people.

- plating silver jewelry with rhodium gives it extra shine, but also a superior quality, which causes the price of precious pieces to increase

The plating of silver jewelry with rhodium brings them, in addition to extra shine, a superior quality, the price of rhodium being higher than the price of silver.

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A tennis bracelet should be wide enough that it can move freely, but not so wide that it can slide down your hand. The general rule is that when you can fit a finger between the bracelet and your wrist, it fits perfectly. It is usually worn on the left wrist, as most people are right-handed, which means the bracelet is subject to less wear and tear. The best way to measure is by wrapping a measuring tape around your wrist (this can also be done with string or ribbon and measured by a ruler.)

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Watches do not need too many measurements, but check the size of the dial so that it is not disproportionate in relation to the wrist. All metal watch straps can be adjusted.


Jewelry and watches must be removed before going to bed, before taking a bath, washing the dishes or before other similar activities in which the jewelry would come into contact with water, detergents, cosmetic and chemical products, to avoid parts coming off ( precious and semi-precious stones, pearls, zirconium crystals,) and the wear of parts containing natural leather or other materials!

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