This guide is for men who don't make an effort to style their outfits, who feel good in their own skin when wearing jewelry, but also for those who would like to wear it, but are not so sure that they are making the right choice. There are men who consider that accessorizing with jewelry is the prerogative of women or others who simply disapprove of this idea. For the latter, we have no advice in this article.

Considering the strong revitalization of the men's bracelet trend, and considering that we have an ever-increasing range of options to accompany the subject, it's no wonder why men seem to be increasingly bewildered by the wide variety of bracelets to choose from. Moreover, how do we choose them, style them and how do we wear them together with other bracelets in a well-coherent, coherent way? In this detailed guide, we will address these topics and I hope that at the end of the reading you will be left with some ideas and basic guidelines.

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While bracelets and men may seem like a complicated mix, men's bracelet fashion has really taken off in the past few years. For sartorially and stylistically inclined gentlemen, bracelets gave them the opportunity to showcase their style, personality, and possibly a piece of their story without saying a word. And in the easiest way possible. The shy can use them as conversation starters, and the romantic can wear with melancholy, pieces inherited or received as a gift from loved ones.

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People make assumptions about who we are and who we hang out with right away when they meet us. Bracelets are a good way to convey a clear first impression.

From tennis or leather bracelets, to wooden beads and volcanic lava stone, to fixed metal bracelets and sailor rope bracelets, movie stars, TV stars and stylists alike have embraced the men's bracelet game by force, flexing their stylistic prowess in this process.

As with anything style-related, general rules apply. The key is to find bracelets that don't look like you just ransacked someone else's jewelry box. Ideally, try to find stylish and masculine pieces made from interesting materials in a diverse range of colors. Having a balanced collection of bracelets will give you plenty of options when you decide to match them.

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Bracelets are one of the easiest accessories to combine. However, everything must not only appear, but even be effortless.


To make sure that this little accessory injects the right amount of flair and masculinity into your outfit, try to pay attention to the following aspects:


As with any other garment, size and proportion are of paramount importance. This essentially comes down to choosing larger bracelet sizes for thicker wrists and smaller, minimalist bracelets for smaller wrist sizes.

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Additionally, the bracelet should be tight enough to fit snugly around the wrist. For example, an oversized metal bracelet that slides up and down your arm will prove to be more of a nuisance than an aesthetic addition. Heavier bracelets should be closer to your wrist size, while lighter bracelets may have more freedom of movement.


Discernment in choosing bracelets ultimately comes down to your style preferences and what kind of look you're trying to achieve.

Looking for something more vintage and retro? A leather bracelet will do the trick, giving you an aura of rugged masculinity.

Looking for something more stylish and versatile? Beaded bracelets are your perfect choice here, giving you a natural look that shows a kind side of your personality. Beaded bracelets, such as lava stone or onyx, can add a certain eye-catching element to your look and can also be a great conversation starter.

Looking for something that's more emphatic? A metal link bracelet or a fixed, wide bracelet could work particularly well here. However, if there is too much metal, you will definitely feel awkward.

Are you looking for something elegant and, at the same time, always fashionable, tennis bracelets are the answer. These are, without exaggeration, the headline stars of recent years. Starting as an eminently feminine accessory, they made the discreet transition from the fine wrist of a woman to a man's, without us knowing exactly how this transfer took place. Now they have also become a must-have male accessory, their versatility giving them the opportunity to be worn both with daytime and evening outfits, with a rock outfit, casual, smart elegant, with a watch or with other tennis bracelets , sometimes even combined with several textures and colors. Tennis bracelets go together both with a leather bracelet and with onyx or hematite bracelets.

Textile bracelets, with their nautical roots, give you that elusive yet highly sought-after 'effortlessly chic' look. Nautical bracelets can be worn with jeans, chinos, preppy shorts, or summer favorites like linen, cotton, or seersucker!

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Resist the urge to layer up with tons of bracelets. Pick one you love and let it shine.


Do guys wear bracelets left or right? One of the most frequently asked questions. For men who wear bracelets, a bit of asymmetry is chic. Sometimes you don't have to be too balanced about your appearance.


Identify whether you have a warm or cool complexion, then choose your jewelry accordingly.


Match the style of the bracelet with your style of outfit. (more on that later).


Gemstones are a great way to dress up a simple bracelet. Mix the color of the gemstone with the metal bracelet to create a different effect.


Men's bracelets can be intimidating. You may feel embarrassed when you wear jewelry for the first time. But if you project confidence, other people will sense it in you.


Don't feel like you have to be too matchy-matchy with your outfit. Try wearing a bracelet style that contrasts with the rest of your outfit for a little extra flair.


Sometimes the most controversial jewelry combination shouldn't work, but it just does. Don't be afraid to try something new. Think outside the box.

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As a general rule, one bare wrist looks better than both busy wrists. If you want to opt for a watch on one side and bracelets on the other, either combine the bracelets with the watch and leave the opposite hand free, or choose a more minimalist look on the opposite hand with a few thin bracelets combined. Alternatively, the watch on one wrist can be balanced by a single bracelet on the opposite wrist.


Being the latest stylistic claim of celebrities, but also of ordinary people alike, bracelet combinations have definitely become the trend of the day (or decade?).

Bracelet matching is the art of arranging different types of bracelets on the wrist at the same time and is commonly referred to as layering. The idea is to achieve a unique look that a single bracelet cannot provide.

Start by combining two to three bracelets that are somewhat similar in theme, but don't necessarily match in color or material. When combining several bracelets at the same time, it is best to choose thinner and smaller bracelets, such as fabric bracelets or beaded bracelets. These can then be paired with a leather bracelet to add extra visual interest.

A great example, and in conjunction with the above, would be to combine two beaded bracelets (gray agate lava stone / hermatite / onyx / tuned blue) and a brown or black leather bracelet.

This look would result in a balanced yet colorful mix that harmonizes the color, material, styles and widths of the bracelets.


In addition to combining bracelets with each other, combining bracelets with a watch seems to be the latest trend. Tastefully done, matching watches with bracelets can create an incredible impression. Done improperly, however, what started out with good intentions could turn out to be an outright disaster.

Similar to the style tips for wearing beaded bracelets, there are a few pitfalls to avoid:

If your watch is your statement piece, opting for a bracelet could seriously distract from its intended purpose.

If your watch is made of delicate material, rubbing can be problematic. Friction between the watch and the bracelet can lead to unnecessary scratches that aren't worth it in the long run.

With the ever-increasing prevalence of pairing watches with bracelets, it's no longer an uncommon sight to see a gentleman absolutely butchering the look, opting for five to ten bracelets on both hands! As mentioned above, do everything tastefully and you will look incredibly well accessorized. If you do this with an aggressive message it is clear that you are asking for attention, and the combination will seriously affect your overall appearance. While pairing bracelets with a watch can often be seen as "sprezzatura" or effortless and natural fashion, too many bracelets clearly go against this desired effect.


The bracelet you choose should depend on the material, color and design of the watch band. For example, if you wear a wristwatch with a metal bracelet, it is advisable to choose an all-metal bracelet. The matching of metallic colors is of paramount importance, as it creates a compact appearance and ensures visual continuity.

Alternatively, you can combine a bracelet made of leather, fabric or beads, for example, with a metal watch to create that sense of balance, too many bracelets clearly go against this interest.

Opting for one or two tennis bracelets with your watch will work perfectly.


Try to find bracelets that at least complement the colors of your watch. While an exact match isn't necessary, finding colors that complement the watch can work extremely well. Matching colors ensure that the two pieces blend well together, lending themselves to a sleek aesthetic that can lead to greater visual interest.

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Although bracelets are extremely versatile as an accessory group, this does not mean that all bracelets are suitable for all occasions. Giving a presentation at the office? A loud and bulky metal bracelet would definitely serve as a distraction from the important points you are trying to convey.

While we encourage you to look for bracelets that complement your overall style, it's essential to choose bracelets that are appropriate for the occasion or setting/ambiance you're dressing for.


Beaded bracelets can be worn daily. They are extremely comfortable and generally retain their charm, even after prolonged use. Onyx, Agates, Volcanic Lava, Hematites are some of the top options. Followed by Amethyst, Aventurine, Chalcedony, Chrysocolla, Citrine, Garnet, Jade, Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, Obsidian, Tiger's Eye, Topaz and Turquoise.

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Alternatively, fixed, wide bracelets can work particularly well in casual daytime situations. Feeling like a rockstar in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt? Don't worry so much about the bracelet you choose - keep your confidence with an exuberant look!


Events or business contexts almost certainly require more discernment when choosing an appropriate bracelet. Bracelets that are elegant and minimalistic, such as a simple fixed bracelet, a tennis bracelet or a thin leather bracelet with a refined look, can do the trick.


Weddings and special occasions give you a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Particular attention must be paid to the type of look you are trying to create, but also to the dress code imposed by such an event. For a wedding on the beach or anywhere in nature, you have several options. Do not wear any bracelet if the dress code is Black Tie. The accessories allowed to a man for the Black Tie outfit are cufflinks and the watch (optionally a ring on the little finger, with initials, seal or coat of arms, but about these aspects in another article).

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Ok, so that's a lot to digest. From tips on matching bracelets, to how to wear them according to the occasion and the wide range of bracelets available for men.

Remember that, in whatever situation you find yourself, combine the bracelets so that they reflect as much as possible of your authenticity, of your unique personality. This guide is just a guideline to avoid making stylistic mistakes, it is not advice to question your personal tastes. Creating your own style is a burden for many, but sometimes following your exuberant instincts and creative spirit is the best choice to outline your originality.

And that's it for today! We hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!