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5 Bijuterii Must Have in Aceasta Vara

Bijuteriile sunt mai mult decât simple accesorii – ele adaugă personalitate, stil și rafinament fiecărei ținute. La, avem o selecție variată de bijuterii care să satisfacă toate gusturile. În acest articol, îți prezentăm 5 bijuterii must-have pe care ar trebui să le adaugi imediat în colecția ta
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Galliano revives the beautiful absurd: The story of the last Haute Couture presentation for Maison Margiela

On Thursday evening, John Galliano took over the left bank of the Seine, under the arch of the Alexandre III bridge in Paris, for the Haute Couture Maison Margiela Spring/Summer 2024 Artisanal show, recreating a 1920s cave, with loose chairs, made of bent wood, obscure cocktails, with the aroma of violets and smoky mirrors, in gilded, weathered frames, lit only by the light of the first full moon of the year.
Icoane ale Feminității (II): Betty Catroux, eterna muza a lui Yves Saint Laurent

Icons of Femininity (II): Betty Catroux, Yves Saint Laurent's eternal muse

" I never cared about fashion, nor did I understand its fascination for me," said Ms. Catroux, the woman whose indelible images in Saint Laurent lace safari suits, knotted trench coats, black jeans boys and cozy biker jackets or in sexually ambiguous evening wear called Le Smoking, inspired successive generations of designers
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The stones of the month in which you were born and their meaning

Today, we will explore the fascinating universe of birthstones. Whether you are celebrating a special day or simply want to get closer to the meanings of these stones, it is important to know the story and enjoy their beauty.
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Complete guide for men's bracelets - How to accessorize and combine them

This guide is for men who don't make an effort to style their outfits, who feel good in their own skin when wearing jewelry, but also for those who would like to wear it but are not so sure that they are making the right choice. There are men who consider that accessorizing with jewelry is the prerogative of women or others who simply disapprove of this idea.
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Mechanical wonders: some essential things about automatic watches

If you like watches, you also love automatic watches. I've heard this so many times, but is it true? What makes automatic watches so special? And do they still have a place in a world where smartwatches dominate the markets?

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5 reasons to choose a lab-made diamond and not a natural one (or not...)

Whenever I visit a jewelry show, there is a very good chance that I will witness conflicting discussions between people regarding diamonds. With the arrival of lab-grown diamonds in the jewelry arena, things changed. This blog discusses the pros and cons, what I would choose and what you as end consumers need to know.

Rezistenta la apa a ceasurilor

Water resistance of watches

Because we are in the middle of summer, one of the questions we are often asked is: "Can I go into the water with the watch?"

Unfortunately, the answer most of the time is: "NO", to the bewilderment of the client who does not understand why he cannot enter the water with a watch that says 5 ATM (5M), misinterpreting this indication and believing that he can dive up to that depth without problems.

Icoane ale feminitatii ( I )

Icons of femininity ( I )

Marisa Berenson - actress, model, maternal granddaughter of the famous fashion designer, Elsa Schiaparelli, was born on February 15, 1947 in New York. As a child (she is now 75) she was taught to dance by Gene Kelly. Greta Garbo came to her parents' parties; Salvador Dalí – a friend of her grandmother, the designer Elsa Schiaparelli – wanted to paint her.

Perlele, simbol al elegantei si al statului social

Pearls, a symbol of elegance and social status

Pearls have been used as jewelry since 2,300 BC. when they were given as gifts to Chinese royalty. In ancient Rome, pearls were considered a symbol of social status, with King Julius Caesar passing a law that only high-ranking people in society were allowed to wear pearls.
7 Sfaturi pentru intretinerea si curatarea bijuteriilor din argint

7 Tips for maintaining and cleaning silver jewelry

Over the years, I have been put in front of delicate situations not a few times, when customers returned to the store with broken jewelry, with fallen stones, with scratched watches or with water in them.
6 Moduri in care iti poti strica ceasul

6 ways you can ruin your watch

One of the surest ways to damage our watch is to drop or hit it. Regardless of whether we drop it from a greater height or just "a little", small damages can occur inside it, but which can affect the entire mechanism. "Small" is a relative term when it comes to the tiny and sophisticated world inside the watch.