Dear readers, today we will explore the fascinating universe of birthstones. Whether you are celebrating a special day or simply want to get closer to the meanings of these stones, it is important to know their story and enjoy their beauty. Birthstones are precious or semi-precious stones, each associated with a specific month in the Gregorian calendar. Here is a foray into this magical world:

January - Pomegranate

  • Color: Deep red, but garnets can vary in shades, including green or orange.
  • Meaning: Garnet symbolizes love, friendship and faith. It is believed to bring luck, but also protection against negative energies.
  • Curiosity: In ancient times, garnets were used as talismans for protection on long journeys.

Garnet is found in the regions of Kenya, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Thailand, India, Canada, USA, Madagascar, Czech Republic and Spain.

February - Amethyst

Amethysts, February's birthstone, are members of the quartz family. In ancient times, amethysts were prized by royalty for their purple color. Amethyst jewelry is believed to bring good luck to the wearer and radiate love.

  • Color: Violet, from light to dark shades.
  • Meaning: Amethyst is the symbol of purity, peace and mental clarity. It is believed to bring peace and balance.
  • Curiosity: The name comes from the Greek word "amethystos," which translates as "intoxication." The ancient Greeks believed that amethyst could protect against alcoholic beverages.

Amethysts are generally mined in Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia, Argentina, Zambia, Namibia and other African countries.

March: Aquamarine

March's gemstone, aquamarine, can be found in a wide range of colors from pale blue to dark blue. Aquamarine jewelry is believed to embody the beauty of the oceans and bring knowledge, foresight and inspiration to wearers.

  • Color: Light blue or blue-green.
  • Meaning: Aquamarine symbolizes courage, hope and peace. It is believed to bring inner peace and protect against negative energies.
  • Trivia: The name comes from the Latin word "aqua marina," which means "sea water."

Aquamarine is associated with calm and tranquility, and is often considered the symbol of water and love.

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April: The Diamond

  • Color: Diamond is often colorless, but can be found in various shades.
  • Meaning: The diamond is the symbol of purity, invincibility and eternal love. It is believed to bring mental clarity and luck.
  • Curiosity: Diamond is the strongest natural substance on Earth.

Diamonds, the stone of April, are the most brilliant and durable of all gemstones. For people born in April, diamond jewelry is said to protect their innocence and bring out their best qualities. Diamonds have been discovered in Canada, India, Russia, Brazil, Australia and many countries in Africa.

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When choosing a diamond, it is important to consider the cut, clarity, carat weight and color of the stone. Read our Guide to Diamonds to learn more when buying jewelry with this precious stone.

The diamond symbolizes purity, clarity and eternity. It is considered the most precious stone and is often used in engagement rings.

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May: The Emerald

The rich green emerald, the May gemstone is known as the queen of gemstones. It has long been considered the symbol of fertility, rebirth and spring. Emerald jewelry is believed to protect the wearer from the dangers of long journeys.

  • Color: Intense green, from light to dark shades.
  • Meaning: The emerald symbolizes hope, rebirth and true love. It is believed to bring luck and healing.
  • Curiosity: The emerald was often associated with the goddess Venus, symbolizing love and beauty.


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The name emerald is derived from the Greek word "Smaragdos" meaning "green stone". Today, most of the world's emeralds are mined in Colombia, Brazil and Zambia. The natural emerald green color is unmatched in the gemstone world and for this specific reason, the color is commonly referred to as 'emerald green'.

Emerald is associated with fertility, hope and renewal. It also symbolizes confidence and prosperity.

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June: Pearl and Alexandrite

Pearls are indigenous to the waters around Japan and China and are unique in the gemstone world as they are the only gemstones that form in a living creature. These jewels of the sea come in a wide range of shades, from creamy white to deep black.

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  • Color: Alexandrite varies from green to red, depending on the lighting. Pearls can be white, pink or other shades.
  • Meaning: Alexandrite symbolizes transformation and prosperity, while pearl symbolizes purity and success.
  • Curiosity: Alexandrite is known for changing color depending on the light, from dark green to purple-red.

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July: The ruby

This July stone has been the prized possession of kings and queens throughout history. Ruby is a symbol of love and immortality. In some countries, rubies are used in engagement rings instead of diamonds.

  • Color: The ruby ​​is intense red.
  • Meaning: Ruby symbolizes passion, love and courage. It is believed to bring good luck and protect against negative energies.
  • Curiosity: The ruby ​​is considered the "King of Gems" and was often associated with royal power.

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The price of a ruby ​​is determined by its color. The brightest and most valuable red shade of a ruby ​​is called pigeon blood red. Rubies have been mined in Thailand, Burma, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Tanzania, Vietnam, Nepal, Pakistan, USA and Greenland.

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Ruby is associated with passionate love, courage and energy. It is considered the king of precious stones.

August: Peridot

The brilliant green peridot, the stone of August, has been prized since ancient times, dating back to ancient Egypt more than 3,500 years ago. Peridot jewelry is believed to ward off evil and have special healing properties that can protect the wearer.

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  • Color: Olive green, with golden shades.
  • Meaning: Peridot symbolizes strength, protection and happiness. It is believed to bring luck and inspiration.
  • Curiosity: Peridot was called "the tear of the volcano" by the Hawaiians because of its volcanic origin.

Peridot is found in igneous rocks in the Earth's upper mantle, and small peridot crystals are often found in basaltic rocks created by volcanoes. It is found in USA, Myanmar, Egypt, China, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

September: The Sapphire

The name " sapphire " comes from Latin where "saphirus" means "blue", therefore it is appropriate that the stone of the month of September is a shade of velvety blue. However, as sapphires form in nature, they come in a range of colors ranging from very light to very dark blue, yellow, brown, pink, purple, reddish orange and bluish green.

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  • Color: Intense blue, but sapphires can also be found in other shades.
  • Meaning: Sapphire symbolizes wisdom, faith and power. It is believed to bring protection and inner peace.
  • Curiosity: The blue color of sapphire has been associated with the sky and divinity in many cultures.

Sapphire is one of two varieties of corundum gemstones, the other being red ruby. It comes in every corundum color except red, with blue being the most popular.

Sapphires are mined from alluvial deposits and can be found in Myanmar, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Australia, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tanzania, Kenya and China.

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October: Opal and Tourmaline

Opals are valued for their phenomenal play of colors that change with the angle of observation. Opal, the October birthstone is a relatively soft and delicate stone. Opal jewelry is in high demand not only among those born in October, but is loved by most jewelry wearers.

  • Color: Opal shows play of color, while tourmaline is available in various shades.
  • Meaning: Opal symbolizes creativity, inspiration and passion. Tourmaline symbolizes protection and balance.
  • Curiosity: Opal is known for its mesmerizing color plays, and tourmaline comes in multiple color variations, including pink, green, blue, and more.

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Opal is a hydrated silicon mineral. It derives its name from the Sanskirt name for the precious stone; upala Opals are found in the regions of Mexico, Brazil, USA, Japan, Honduras, Kenya, Czechoslovakia, Peru, Canada and Australia.

November: Citrine

Citrine, November's stone, is an orange-gold version of topaz. The name citrine comes from the Latin word "citrus", which means lemon. In ancient times, citrine was valued as a gift of the sun and was believed to be an antidote to the venom of a viper. Citrine jewelry would make a great gift for someone born in the month of November.

Citrine is a pale yellow variety of crystalline quartz that resembles topaz. The different shades range from yellow, gold, orange and brown. Brazil is the largest producer of citrine.

Citrine symbolizes mental clarity and prosperity

December: Topaz and Zircon

Topaz comes in many colors, including light blue, pink, yellow, red, and green. December's stone is a form of brilliant blue topaz and offers protection to its wearer. The beauty of blue topaz not only makes it a great gift for someone born in December, but blue topaz jewelry in general is one of the most desired types of gemstone jewelry.

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Blue topaz is quite rare. Usually colorless or gray, blue topaz is usually heat treated and irradiated to produce a more desirable darker blue. Important sources of topaz are in Russia, Siberia, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Africa, China, Japan, Nigeria, USA and Mexico.

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Topaz symbolizes happiness and protection.

Zircon is associated with confidence and well-being. The name "zircon" comes from the Arabic word "zargun," which means "aura." It has also been associated with the planet Venus, and in an astrological context, zircon is said to bring love and prosperity

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Birthstones are not only beautiful objects, but also carriers of deep meanings and rich history. Regardless of the month in which you were born, these stones can bring you luck, inspiration and beauty in your life. So, enjoy them and explore the mysteries of each stone to get closer to your own identity and spirituality.